The Best Parental Control Apps for Your Phone

With internet and smartphones offering such wide access to Internet, it can lead to various problems, which is why most parents now want to limit and monitor their child’s access to the internet. For this, there are various tools available that will not just allow the parents to set control on their child’s internet usage but also let them to monitor what they did over the net and for how long.

These days, parental controls are not just restricted to computers, but even mobiles have transformed into internet-ready tools, which can perform various tasks. So, it is always better to enable a reliable and good parental control app on to your child’s phone for a more secure online experience. But now, how do you differentiate between a good and not-so-okay app?

Well, a reliable and trust-worthy parental control app must have three basic features and they are-

Usage Controls

With these features, the app must allow parents to define the controls like downloading video, images, internet access and also texting. These features can be used to define the number of calls and texts your child can make.

Filtering of Content

These controls allow the parents to block and hide a few websites to offer more secure online browsing for their kids. Some of the filters can also restrict a few multimedia and videos.

Monitoring and Location Settings

These features allow parents to track their child’s whereabouts with the help of GPS systems, which are built-in in most phones. For instance, Highster Mobile app lets parents see where their children ­are even if they answer their calls or reply to messages.

Apart from this, parents must also educate their children about some precautions that they must adapt in their daily life to avoid a complication in the future.

  • Always guide them to make use of a strong password for their phone and important folders.
  • Advise them to share their mobile number only with people they really trust and not with everyone.
  • Parents must make it a point to teach their kids how to block a number so that in case of emergency, they can block individual numbers and names.

By following these and with the use of a good parental control app, you can be sure that your child is never going to run into online harassing and other similar problems.

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